CT1 Investigarea terenului de fundare
CT2 Proiectarea geotehnică
CT3 Tehnologii speciale de fundare


TC101 Laboratory stress strain strength testing of geomaterials
TC102 Ground property, characterization from in-situ tests
TC103 Numerical methods in Geomechanics
TC104 Physical modelling in Geotechnics
TC105 Geo-Mechanics from micro to macro
TC106 Unsaturated soils
TC107 Laterites and lateritic soils
TC201 Geotechnical aspects of dykes and levees, shore protection and land reclamation
TC202 Transportation Geotechnics
TC203 Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and associated problems
TC204 Underground construction in soft ground
TC205 Limit state design in Geotechnical Engineering
TC206 Interactive geotechnical design
TC207 Soil-structure interaction and retaining walls
TC208 Stability of natural slopes
TC209 Offshore Geotechnics
TC210 Dams and Embankments
TC211 Ground improvement
TC212 Deep foundations
TC213 Geotechnics of soil erosion
TC214 Foundation engineering for difficult soft soil conditions
TC215 Environmental geotechnics
TC216 Frost geotechnics
TC301 Preservation of historical sites
TC302 Forensic Geotechnical Engineering
TC303 oasta land river disaster mitigation and rehabilitation
TC304 Engineering practice of risk assessment and management
TC305 Geotechnical infrastructure for megacities and new capitals
TC306 Geo-engineering education
TC307 Dealing with sea level changes and subsidence