Marchetti Dilatometer Workshop | Vineri, 15 Aprilie 2022

Workshop susținut de Studio Prof. Marchetti despre Dilatometrul Marchetti și utilizările sale cele mai recente.

The presentation will illustrate the main applications for which this test is commonly performed, including:• Settlement predictions (comparisons of DMT-predicted with measured settlements)
• Moduli before-after soil improvement
• Estimation of the liquefaction resistance CRR
• Slip surface detection
• Kh behind diaphragm walls from MDMT
• Moduli in roads subgrade
• P-y curves for laterally loaded piles
• FEM input parameters from DMT results (ex Plaxis)
• Combining the low-strain shear modulus G0 with the working strain modulus MDMT to estimate the G-Gamma decay curves

The workshop will also include a description of the most recent developments, including the Medusa DMT and the Seafloor DMT system for offshore investigations.

Eng. Diego Marchetti

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